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Fresh Dinko Tuna Tartare

#Celebrity Chef Daniel Green

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Premium Southern Bluefin Tuna. Wild Caught. Sustainably Harvested.

Rich flavour, Luxurious Texture. Good Tuna should be luxurious and tender when eaten raw, and have a silky satin texture when grilled.

Every time you eat Dinko Tuna this is what you’ll get. Dinko’s Southern Bluefin Tuna enjoy a nutrient rich diet of MSC Certified sustainable sardines and a nutritional feed supplement to increase their fat content and ensure they have the flavour and texture of a wild fish.

It is prized for its fat content and creamy mouthfeel when eaten raw but also shines when grilled or confit to medium rare – delivering a silky, satin textured eating experience.

Dinko Tuna is the pioneer of the tuna farming globally using the latest Super Freezing to –60˚C technology to Guarantee Culinary Excellence. This unique processing ensures the culinary integrity of the flesh is retained while capturing the flavour and texture of just harvested Southern Bluefin Tuna.

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