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"If You Eat The Right Food
You Will Feel Energized"

says Daniel Green
Award Winning Chef & Healthy Eating Expert.

With a passion for healthy eating, Chef Daniel Green believes that gourmet food can be guilt-free yet full of flavours.

Call it an art form, he is introducing Omakase-style guilt-free gourmet dining menu that takes inspiration from the premium Australian ingredients at 9th Tasty Australia this 22nd July 2022.

He will showcase what he can do with ingredients that are brilliant and good for us and have guests not only eating healthier and cleaner but also helping them kickstart their journey towards a better lifestyle.

His philosophy is simple – ‘no cream, no butter, no cheese, no deep frying’ and all the dishes that he creates are low in carbohydrates, low in fats and high in protein.

Get your carbs from veggies and fruits and plenty of them! No rice or wheat, and have a day off a week so you never feel deprived. If you do have carbs, have them for breakfast as you’ll burn them off in the day.

Like they say, eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch and a pauper for dinner! 

Remember to always live to eat, always enjoy and celebrate food. Try to keep the guilty treats to the weekends and always love food, just make the right choices. Great food does not mean unhealthy food.

When cooking at home, it has got to be simple, it’s got to be tasty, it’s got to be fun and it’s got to look spectacular like it is served from the kitchen of a 5-Star restaurant!

For heathier cooking at home, let’s follow three simple principles:

  1. Oil the food not the pan, that way you’ll use minimal oil when cooking. 
  2. Always invest in a great non-stick pan. You’ll be able to cook without any fat and use stock rather than oil to cook vegetables and stir fry’s.
  3. Buy lean meats and always take the skin off chicken!

In today’s world, we’re understanding that what we’re putting in our body is important, and processed food isn’t good and you don’t have to compromise. Food trends change, [but] nothing will change about real food that is grown naturally. It will never be bad for us.

Australia’s got unbelievable flair for not overcomplicating food, for making it taste very good. And the quality of their produce is simply second to none because of their clean, green, pristine environment and unbeatable food safety standards.

Easy To Make. Hit The Spot Healthy Dishes.

Baked Avocado with Egg. This is a great way to have a satisfying breakfast. If you are trying to shed some weight, this recipe will be a star . It is for me. I have this at least once a week!

Shrimp with tomato soup, a little ginger chili, with some truffle oil. Keeping it simple, still carb free but has so much flavor!

When you are craving some carbs, but want the guilt free option. Here is Cauliflower paprika rice with a salmon poached egg, scallions and nonfat Greek yogurt. A dish like this gives me the perfect amount of energy, it’s something a little different too .

I really enjoy making this one . Thai Salmon Fish Cakes. I have a new twist on this recipe from my latest cookbook, hope you give it a try . The Cannabinoid Cookbook: Transform Your Health Using Herbs and Spices from Your Kitchen.

Avocado Puree, Edamame & Salmon. This is how to make an avocado go a long way. This provides the flavor of avocado but it is lower in fat and is also a great low carb choice. The is a must to try! So easy to make.

I make this one a lot in the summer time. My daughter’s favorite too… We all love slidders. Here is a great skinny way to enjoy them without all the fat.

Beef Burger in an Eggplant Bun, give this a go . I love this dish as it fixes my cravings for a burger. It is the only low carb way that you can have one!

It’s fun to make a regular Wednesday night feel like a special occasion. This lobster was out of this world. Lightly poached, a little avocado and olive oil. Simple but perfect.

I make this one a lot in the summer time. My daughter’s favorite too… We all love slidders. Here is a great skinny way to enjoy them without all the fat.

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Meet & Greet
Daniel Green

Celebrity Chef & Healthy Eating Expert

22 July



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